(Op Glitch) How To Skip Islands Jumping On Element Mastery In Ninja Legends 2021

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2021)

How to skip islands jumping on element mastery in Ninja Legends

Whenever you master an element on ninja legends you always have to reunlock islands and start from the beginning rank, but if i told you that you can master an element without losing the max island !! And today i will show you how to skip islands jumping on element mastery in ninja legends your favourite game.

First: choose the element you want to master And then get to spawn, after that try and jump to the highest island you unlocked (in my case it’s blazing vortex)

Screenshot 20210819 135920
Jumping to the island

Then: what you to do is teleport to the island and wait for the duel to start

Screenshot 20210819 135944
Waiting for the duel

After that: click unlock And as soon as the duel start you have to FIRST JOIN THE DUEL AND IMMEDIATELY CLICK YES TO UNLOCK

Polish 20210820 110720611
join the duel and immediately click yes

And it should work for you (GG’s) “it should look something like this”

received 3953185621476311
you are basically outside the duel area
received 1600802490123648 1
and when the duel ends you will get teleported to where you joined the duel

and that’s how the glitch works and the idea behind it.

TIP: combine this glitch with ranks glitch to get the best possible result “Ranks glitch“.

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