How To Start Grinding In Roblox Jailbreak!


Starting to grind in Jailbreak is confusing, this article will help you sort things out and get started!


In this guide, I will be showing you how to start grinding in jailbreak like a pro in no time!

There are currently multiple grinding routes/paths for you to choose, and you don’t have to stick with just one indefinitely! But without further ado, let’s get started!


Police and Criminal Team Routes

These “routes/paths/methods” are for both the Police Team and Criminal Team!

The Trader

As the name suggests, this route depends on grinding and buying vehicles, then trading them for better and better vehicles, then using those vehicles (which should be good in speed) to grind! This route mainly adds on to other methods of grinding and is mainly used for early to mid-game purposes.

The AFK-er

Through a software called “TinyTask”, players can afk grind using two accounts by having one account be a prisoner and in their cell, and punch the other account, while the police team account arrests the prisoner account. However, this method of grinding is tedious and slow, with a mere 400 in-game dollars being awarded per arrest (excluding paycheck). This method is usually a companion to grinding normally.

The Normal (Solo) Grinder

This method is the simplest to execute yet! All you need is a good vehicle (preferably an aerial one, there is always the free helicopter which spawns at Police Stations), and some weapons! If you are on the Criminal Team, you will be robbing whichever robberies you can and trying not to get arrested. If you are on the Police Team, you will be attempting to arr

The Squad


This method/route requires you to have multiple people and a vehicle which can accommodate the number of squad/team members which you possess. The strategy of the grind is to stick together, since the more squad members there are, the more firepower there is, which should be able to take care of multiple police officers. This route is similar to the Normal Grinder route, except with more team members.

Criminal Team Routes

These methods of grinding are solely for the Prisoner/Criminal Team.


The Thug Life


This method revolves around gaining bounty (and the higher paycheck that comes with it) through completing robberies as well as killing police officers. This method is usually the most used as it is quite casual and isn’t a locked in method (it’s flexible).

The Private Server Grinder

This method requires you to spend 200 robux on a private server. Another option is to use a friend’s private server via the “servers” tab on the Jailbreak game page. After you have acquired a private server, you can grind either with or without a friend. If a friend joins you, you will have access to the Museum and Bank robberies. With a whole squad of people, you will gain the ability to complete all heists/robberies in the game.

Police Team Routes

The following methods of grinding are for the Police team. However, these methods are highly frowned upon in the Jailbreak community. *The term “camper” means to tactically position yourself and ambush a criminal to arrest them

The Prison Camper

This method is meant for players who are less experienced. You will not need anything extra. Stronger/better weapons can be acquired to make your grind easier. You will need to stay at the prisoner and arrest all prisoners who are doing anything illicit, and utilize the taser tool/weapon effectively (if you taze a prisoner and they fall, it means you can arrest them). If you die and you respawn in any police station other than the one at the prison, you must either reset until you respawn at the prison, or travel back using a vehicle.

The Robbery Exit Camper


This route is the most “toxic” and frowned upon in Jailbreak. By using this route, you should prepare to have angry words and rather unpleasant insults thrown your way. But on the bright side, this is one of the higher-earning methods for the police team. To do this method, you will need a weapon other than the default pistol, and preferably an aerial vehicle. During a robbery (the robbery icon will pulsate), stand out of view and to the side of the robbery exit point. Once the criminal exits or you are able to arrest them, you quickly arrest them without any problems. If there is a large group, there might be a minor skirmish or two.

The End!


After reading this article, I hope that you are ready to get started or improve your grinding effective-ness! Personally, I like using the “Thug Life” or “Normal (Solo) Grinder” due to the obvious fact that the criminal team reaps in more cash in contrast to the police team.

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