How To Get Started In Roblox Tower Defense Simulator!


Stop trying to rack your brains and punching your monitor! This article will help you get started in your Tower Defense Simulator – Roblox journey!


First Match Preparation

For your first match, try to ask around people in the lobby if they can “carry” you on an easy map (you should have either two level 50+ people or one level 100+ person). However, if you have purchased the gamepass towers, you might only need one level 50+ person.

First Match

Once the match has commenced, try to do everything your squad/team-mates tell you to do. Save up for your best troops/towers, place them (preferably on a corner), and upgrade them. You should repeat this process until you have finished the match. However, be aware that when a team-mate asks you to delete/sell a tower, you should do as they say. This is due to the fact that they are likely going to place a better tower compared to yours.


The Grind

You should repeat the process of the first match preparation and the first match instructions until you have enough money to buy the minigunner tower in the shop.

Grind, Shop, Repeat.


Now that you have enough to buy a good tower, you should purchase it without hesitation. Grind for coins until you have enough to purchase good towers (link to the TDS towers tier list at the bottom), then use those towers to become better and better at the game!

Map Choosing

In Tower Defense Simulator, there is a wide palette of maps to choose from, with different difficulties (ranging from easy to Insane) and popularities. If you are any level whatsoever, you should always do easy maps (the easiest being Crossroads and Forest Camp) for grinding. If you would like to just have fun (or get destroyed), then it is your choice to freely choose whichever map appeals the most to you. However, try to stay away from Dead Ahead, as it is merely one straight-away, and the path length is extremely small.

Good Placement

Good placement of towers is crucial in winning a match. Corners are excellent places to place towers with smaller attack ranges, while straight-aways are better for snipers/long range towers. But overall, corners should be your first placing spot of choice, however, if there is a path similar to a round-about (such as the one in the Forest Camp map) then that should be where you are placing your best towers at.



Just like in almost all tower defense games, TDS requires much skill and strategy for you to beat a map/match. Yes, you can spam minigunners with your squad all day but you will not be able to defeat Fallen difficulty with just pure damage. If you want to beat, let’s say Fallen, then you will need a medic and commander, among other things. The medic will allow your gate to heal from any infiltrations, and the commander will boost your towers’ attack speed. Strategies for Molten difficulty involves minigunners and rangers alike, while for  overall strategy, you should use the Commander tower and the Ranger tower.

Miscellaneous Stuff


tdsskin 1

Cosmetics/Skins can be obtained via opening crates bought from the shop. Skins can be equipped to make a specific tower have a different look. There are a wide variety of skins that correspond to their respective crate (ex: Toy Skins come from the Toy Crate). Similarly to towers, some crates can be purchased through the shop with coins, while others require robux or can be awarded from codes (ex: Premium Crates).

Golden Skins

Golden skins are special skins that players can purchase for 50,000 coins in the shop. Once opened, players can get the Golden skin for the Scout tower, Crook Boss, Cowboy, Minigunner, and Golden Pyromancer. These skins give stat-boosts to towers that have it equipped, and are usually for end-game players, since they are expensive.

Special Towers


Towers such as the Cowboy, Toxic Gunner, and Sledger, can all be considered to be special towers. The Cowboy is only obtainable by beating the Badlands map (insane map difficulty) on Fallen difficulty, while the Toxic Gunner and Sledger are event towers that were obtainable for the duration of specific events.

The End


After reading this article, you should be able to tackle your first match with ease! Feel free to share this article with your friends to get them started in Tower Defense Simulator as well!

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