“Very Rare”How to unlock Bladee in Pet simulator x (2021)

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2021)

How to unlock Bladee in pet simulator x

In the 1st part of the halloween update, a new exclusive pet appeared in the index then it got removed later. How to unlock bladee in pet simulator x? People couldn’t find out, then someone appeared with 18 of them

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That guy has 18 of them and 20 Only exist , Preston made the pet for this guy because he made some designs for tech world pets and other stuff and also he made the pet, so he has 18 of it and what about the other 2? well, an admin gave away 2 of the pet so tou will see others with the pet and not just the original owner.

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This pet is worth alot of gems and exclusive pets so you can offer for the pet in big games discord server “find it in the game page or group page”.

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