How To Win More Matches in Phantom Forces

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2022)

How To Win More Matches In Phantom Forces Tutorial:

  • 1. Train your aim in the ROBLOX Game Aimblox.
image 20
  • 2. After you are done training in Aimblox go into Phantom Forces and use MP7 with this exact loadout:
image 21
You may also use a laser for the other section for less recoil and some type of ammo.
  • 3. Play in a offensive playstyle (Attack more than camping).
  • 4. You will eventually get better and get better guns as the time passes by.
  • 5. When you get to the AUG HBAR, use it with this setup:
image 22
  • 6. Get even better guns using HBAR and you will be very good at the game.

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