Information about the ROBLOX Outage [Update]

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2021)

Ever since the ROBLOX Outage. There has been a lot of confusions and speculations about the situation of what has happened to Roblox. In this blog, I’m going to share all the false rumors and/or information that I have gathered over the last 2 days. (and maybe clear out some misunderstandings as well.)

[Update] Roblox is now opening up slowly. And now it is not open for some players


Rumors and Speculations

There has been a lot of false information that has been spreading all around various platforms about the outage of Roblox. I’m going to clear most of them in here.

  • Outage was not caused by a Chipotle Burrito
  • Roblox was not Hacked nor was this a DDoS Attack
  • Outage was not cause by an update of some Games. (e.g. Adopt me, Brookhaven, Pet Simulator X)
  • This wasn’t caused by Roblox using CloudFlare
  • Roblox is not shutting down permanently
  • Roblox did not shut down just to implement updates. Implementing updates does not require a Shutdown.
  • Roblox will not wipe your data. All Accounts, Passwords, and Cookies are all safe.

There are some other information like “This will continue until the 1st of November.” But it is not completely false nor is it true. At this point, it most likely safe to say that this outage WILL continue on until the 1st of November.

Now, onto the extra news/information that you may need.

News and Information

  • Roblox has found the problem and it is now being fixed as we speak. It is more likely caused by an Internal bug within their servers.
  • Luobu (Roblox China) Has had an outage as well, therefore Roblox Engineers are both working on Luobu and Global Roblox. The Webpage for Luobu is now working, however, games still cannot be played
  • Several Studios has been trying ways to make sure that players won’t lose their data. These includes; Adopt Me, Anime Fighting Simulator, Arsenal, and more.
  • Several Studios plans to extend game events like Halloween events to compensate for the outage. Games like, Bitcoin Simulator, Adopt me, Arsenal, Brookhaven, Anime Fighting Simulator, and more.

This is all about what has happened over the last 61 Hours as I’m writing this. Engineers of Roblox has been working non-stop in order to solve this issue. Please be patient with them and Godspeed.

May this extra information help. For more Information, go to this site

Thanks for reading.

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