Is The Executioner Tower Gamepass Worth It? Tower Defense Simulator (2022)

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2021)

Is The Executioner Tower Gamepass Worth It?

Is The Executioner Tower Gamepass Worth It? Today we are goning to talk about if you should buy the gamepass or not and our advices about the tower. So let’s get started.

Tower Description

Throw a boomerang axe to clear hordes of enemies at once! Exclusive to the 2021 Solar Eclipse event.

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Executioner Gamepass

Should you buy the gamepass?

At first we need to discuss about if the tower is good or not and from our point of view we think that you shouldn’t buy the gamepass even if you have enough robux for it.

Executioner Tower Cons

  • It costs 750 robux when other event towers gamepasses costed 500 robux
  • It has a placement limit of 8
  • You can’t depend on it alone to solo molten mode , and it isn’t more powerful than a ranger or a gladiator

Executioner Tower Pros

  • It is good against hords of enemies that are close to each other
  • It has a good range (18) on max level and (14) on lvl 0
  • It deals (4) damage on lvl 0 but it deals (80) when maxed
  • Cooldown is (3) on lvl 0 and (2) on max level

In general , If you really want to buy the gamepass try to defeat the event and don’t buy it if you reached night 3 but if you struggle on night 1 and you really want the tower buy it. But i suggest you wait until the last day of the event then buy the gamepass.

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