Jailbreak Vehicle Tierlist

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2022)

Jailbreak Vehicle Tierlist:

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The Jailbreak Vehicle Tierlist.

Note: Starting from the left are the best vehicles and the right to the lowest of the tier (Lowest S or A Tier doesn’t mean the vehicle is not good).

  • 1. Removed Tier is for the vehicles that were removed.
  • 2. Barely Used Tier is for the vehicles that almost nobody uses.
  • 3. D Tier is for the bad vehicles.
  • 4. C Tier is for the decent vehicles like Cybertruck, Camaro, Sentinel.
  • 5. B Tier is for the good vehicles like Tesla Model 3, Tank, Buggy.
  • 6. A Tier is for the great vehicles like Concept and Lamborghini Aventador. Concept is in A Tier because of the amazing cost of 2,5M Dollars and the speed the same as volt. This vehicle is mainly used to flex more than to use.
  • 7. S Tier is for the best vehicles like Jet (Fastest Air Vehicle), Volt, Roadster (Second Fastest Accelerating Vehicle).
  • 8. Unobtainable Tier is for the vehicles that you cannot obtain anymore (Season Vehicles, Classics).

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