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(Last Updated On: August 13, 2021)
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Natural Disaster Review

Brooooo! this brings back the good memories. @Stickmasterluke was my Roblox crush back then, I can not lie. He always created the most simple games that everyone could always play without computer issues, even if when your wifi was complete trash, it still looked like you weren’t lagging at all LOL. Anyway, he’s one of the Roblox Dev Goats for sure. Some of the main pros were already mentioned but the game is just original, the creator of all disaster games which is a top-tier game.

The only thing I wished my crush @Stickmasterluke would fix is the difficulty of the disasters. They are fun and nice, but sometimes it’s a little too easy to do and complete. I don’t have that many cons about the game since it’s just a og, though the double disasters need to be FREE! like bro, the most fun comes from double disasters and he knows that a little money hungry if I’ll be honest. Overall the game is good. I definitely recommend playing when you are bored as hell.

uh oh looks like I’m in prison 🥵
Natural Disaster Survival - Roblox

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