“Updated” New Pet Simulator x Update Leaks 2021 (Dark matter pets?!)

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2022)

New pet simulator x update leaks 2021

Yes, again we finally have new pet simulator x update leaks 2021 and probably these will be “game changing” apparently so let’s just start off with some leaks

Polish 20210908 140503581
Dark matter sign

Yep you guessed it, Dark matter is coming to the game, will it be harder for free to play players? guess we will find out when that comes.

Polish 20210908 140534634
Dark matter pets
Polish 20210908 140556953
Another Dark matter pets
Polish 20210908 140628094
More dark matter pets

I don’t know how will these pets look like in the game , Also there is something interesting in these pictures, exclusive pets (purchased with robux) can be crafted now? guess we will have to wait. Update will most likely come out 11th of September if everything goes right.

And we will also have lightning changes for every single pet in the game. stay tuned for that 👀 .

Cyber Area pets –> Cyber Area leaks .

exclusive pets leaks –> Exclusive pets.

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