“Updated” New Pet Simulator X Update Leaks September 2021 (Glacier Area And More)

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2021)

The new pet simulator x update leaks September 2021

We are back with New Pet simulator x update leaks September 2021 yes because the update is in September, and they are all very awesome all of them look almost real , but remember not all of them will come the next update but mostly all of them will come out eventually. So let’s start off with our leaks !

Polish 20210827 175149385
Glacier area is here !!

All the people who bought this area with 25b fantasy coins are lucky to have this area early and it’s expected that we are going to have a new world as there is a canon to a new world and that might have a new currency.

Screenshot 20210827 172004
new currencies possibly , credits: zomg ,@ RGL LEAKS

The new currencies might come at a later update or both of them will come out but who knows. but still they look very cool.

Polish 20210827 175236026
Pet leveling system

Yes you saw it , there might be a new feature to level up your pets to make them stronger just like fusing but you don’t lose your pets.

Polish 20210828 141056995
More pets equipped upgrade

Yes we finally have it i bet all free to play players will be happy with this upgarde for sure even p2w players because this will stack with your gamepasses too.

And this is all of the leaks for today make sure to follow our webstie for more exclusive pet simulator x leaks.

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