How To Find The New Pog Egg in pet simulator x 2021 (A Powerful and secret Egg ” Expired” )

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2021)

New pog egg in pet simulator x 2021

Yes the pog cat has been discovered and also a new pog egg in pet simulator x 2021 has been added in the game , and honestly it’s very cool. I will show you how to unlock it in this post so make sure to read until the end!

First you have to get 11 billion fantasy coins , impossible rank and above , this is important or it won’t work

Then get to spawn world, go to town and head to the blue building next the vip area

Screenshot 20210911 173339
Say knock knock in the chat with no space

And boom , you have got the pog cat !

Screenshot 20210911 173358
secert area
Screenshot 20210911 173407
pog cat
Screenshot 20210911 173423
why it exists
Screenshot 20210911 173428
pog pets

Just so you know , this egg is now gone , but thank you for reading this 🙂 .

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