Those Who Remain Guide For Beginners [Roblox]

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2022)

Those Who Remain Guide For Beginners

For beginners, first of all, this is a survival game(zombie survival).
Those who remain is a post-apocalyptic zombie wave survival game. The game comes with many features like perks, loadout for getting guns, and melee tools for the fight.

Screenshot 488
The loadout page

When you are ready to play, just press the ready and wait for the ongoing wave to get over(can be seen in the middle top portion).

Those who remain is a survival game that consists of 10 waves. Each wave gets more difficult as the game progresses from 1 to 10.
If you during one of the waves, you can only respawn the next wave or if someone revives you while the wave is still going on.
Getting revived after dying is highly unlikely because not many players are level 100 in the game so you should focus more on surviving by yourself than depending on others.


There are a number of weapons to choose from but they are unlocked as you level up in the game.
*Note- Higher-level guns doesn’t mean that they will have high damage. Every gun has its merit and demerits. Choose a gun according to your requirements and test them out in-game. You can change guns and even melee weapons after the end of every wave.

image 2022 02 05 213027


image 2022 02 05 213345
The Perks menu- Perks are unlocked on the above-shown levels. Each perk varies from the other and the high-level perks offer more things like health, clap-bomb, phoenix healing, etc.
Gaining new and advanced perks will get you an upper hand in the game and you can use your perks accordingly.


image 2022 02 05 214244
This game offers a spectate feature. You can spectate other players if you die.

The game offers a variety of maps to play from. Every map has a place where everyone in-game can camp and be successfully complete all the 10 waves. It is better to stay at one place with everyone watching each other’s backs as there are open doors on every side of a house and zombies are likely to come to you. Hiding or being AFK is not useful as the zombies will find you. Instead, stick with the other players and survive.

This is all for this guide.
The home page link for the game is given below. Check it out!


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