*OP* Pet Simulator X script. (More than 5 Scripts πŸ€‘) Too Useful !

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2021)

Way Too OP pet simulator x script

About pet simulator x-

Pet Simulator X is the latest and greatest game in the Pet Simulator Series with tons of new features and pets!

πŸ’° Collect coins to buy eggs!
πŸ₯š Hatch legendary pets like a Dragon or Unicorn!
πŸ—ΊοΈ Unlock and explore new areas & worlds like floating islands!
πŸ”„ Collect and trade pets with other players to become the best!
✨ Upgrade pets or fuse them together!

🎁 Latest Update [11/13/21] -
- πŸ‘½ Alien Pets!
- πŸ§ͺ Alien Lab!
- πŸ›Έ Alien Forest!
- πŸ₯š 3 New Eggs!
- ✨ 2 New Mythicals!
- πŸ”₯ Huge Pegasus Pets!
- πŸ’° Giant Alien Chest!
- πŸ’Ž Diamond Cap Raised!
- πŸ“ Interface Upgrades!
- βš™οΈ Auto Delete Additions!
- βš–οΈ Balancing!
- πŸŽƒ Halloween Event Over!

pet simulator x script-

  1. –key changes every 48 hours
  2. _G.Key = β€œimveryfat”
  3. loadstring(game:HttpGet(β€œhttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/NukeVsCity/ALLHACKLOADER/main/NukeHub”))()

Also Note That script key changes Every 48 hours, so you can get update version with key at pet simulator x script

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