*New* Pet simulator x update! Glitched pets, and more! 10+ new things!

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2022)

Pet simulator x update!!!

Total guide on whats new!

🎁 Latest Update [1/22/22]
👾 Glitch Pets!
💻 Hacker Pets!
🔌 Glitch Area!
🥚 2 New Eggs!
🌀 Hacker Portal Area!
😱 HUGE Hacked Cat!
🗝️ Secret Door!
🥚✨ Featured Pets Egg!
💰 Tier 8 Bank!
✨ Better Egg Opening!
🌌 Tech World Uplift!

Briefing about the update-

Glitched Pets- 

                              Seven brand new Glitched Pets have been added!  

image 2022 01 23 004246

Hacked Pets

Five new hacker themed pets are ready to be hatched including the Huge Hacked Cat!

To Get them, u need to unlock secret door!!!

untitled image

2 New Eggs

Two brand new eggs (including their golden variations) have been added!
They are very costly. Normals for 500m tech coins and gold is for 4 billion gold coins. they can hatch for 7 pets in total.

image 54

Glitch Area– Great for farming if you have good pets!

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Hacker Portal Area
Too tanky chests, Very cool area for farming, Super useful pets will get you all the way up!

81ec46 5bbae376644f491283210b414d681574~mv2

Secret Door

image 55

Featured Pets Egg

image 56

Tier 8 Bank

You can now store up to 1 trillion diamonds and 3,000+ pets with a Tier 8 Bank! Its very costly, But rate of interest is Good too!

81ec46 262dd3aec1f24dd7ac4c052459103aae~mv2
Pet simulator X update

This Update is one of the best updates so far, in many of the players opinion.
new glitched pets look cool, but the stats are awesome too!

Thats it for the update!

Pet simulator x update!

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