Players saying “/e dance” and having the letters “YT” on their IGN are getting BANNED

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2022)

On January 4, 2022 at around 3:40 am. Someone known as CoolytyeetYT posted on Twitter that he was banned due to having said the word “/e dance” and having the letters “YT” on their username.

As seen above, the reason was “Directing Users Off-Platform” as well as the offensive item as “/e dance.” In addition, with a Moderator Note saying “This username is not permitted on Roblox.”

This situation was made aware by a famous youtuber called “SharkBlox.” And he made a video discussing about it

In the video, It was mentioned that despite Roblox adding the command “/e dance” and allowing players have YouTube links on their profile, the players are getting banned. The Player’s name might even get reset.

It was said to be a bug within Roblox that was banning players with their Username having the letters “YT” in it.

DO NOT WORRY. The issue has been fixed and was fixed 6 days ago, so if you have an account that has a “YT” on it, It will not get banned. The same goes for those that said “/e dance.”

Everything is now back to normal and everything was solved. You can freely play any games and dance all night long if you want.

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