Welcome To ProRobloxGuides Support Agent Application

  • As a support agent you will be helping our community via live chat thru our dashboard
  • You will be paid via preferred payment method
  • Must be passionate towards talking and helping new users on the site.
  • Accepting Mobile, Tablet, Ipad, laptop and Pc users.


Q. If user asks me to grind for him do i have to?

Ans. No you are not allowed to grind nor login to the users account. as a support agent you help them find article which match there needs and help with general queries that the user has.

Q. Will the data submitted on this form be shared to third party?

Ans. No! We don’t share any data either on the form nor entire site to third party. All the personal data like Name , Email will be stored security in our data centre, we are asking email and name to avoid Trolls & Spams

Good Luck! Apply below with confidence and passion