Anime Fighters

Anime Fighters Update 26 [Roblox]

Anime Fighters Update 26 Roblox Anime Fighters has brought back an update where everyone is talking about the new things in-game. It includes : Time Chamber Improvements New Secret “Time Lord” Passive Time Trial Wait Time Reduction New Time Lord Boss – drops PXP New 2x Drops Gamepass Time Chamber was introduced in Anime Fighters …

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Roblox Vans World Step Up Hat Tutorial

Roblox Vans Step Up Hat Obtainment Method

Roblox Vans Step Up Hat Obtainment Method: 1. Join Vans World. 2. Place down your skateboard by pressing T and complete the hub missions. The coin box gap is located near the competitions place and the V.A.N.S letters are located around the bowl. The bottom right corner includes trick keys. 3. Follow the blue arrows …

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Roblox Islands - How to make an Automatic Tree Farm Guide

Roblox Islands – How to make an Automatic Tree Farm Guide Best Method #1

Roblox Islands – How to make an Automatic Tree Farm Guide

This farm requires a T4/Tier 4 Workbench in order to craft the Sapling Automatic planter and the petroleum pipe input to power up the Sapling Automatic Planter, as well as various other items for the farm.

For this farm you’re going to need these items:

  • 1. 1 Sapling Automatic Planter;
  • 2. 5 Tier 1/2 Conveyors;
  • 3. 3 Tier 1/2 Right Turn Conveyors;
  • 4. A petroleum output;
  • 5. Pipes;
  • 6. 1 Sapling of any type (what type of wood you want to farm);
  • 7. 2 Coal Totems;
  • 8. 1 Industrial Lumbermill;
  • 9. A couple of Tier 1/2 Conveyors for the other setup;
  • 10. T1/2 Storage Chests // Double T1/2 Storage Chests.
image 2022 04 16 123253579
First: Place a Sapling Automatic Planter and put the sapling you want to farm between the brackets of the Sapling Automatic Planter. Make sure that the block under the brackets where the Sapling is posed to go is a grass block, otherwise the Sapling will not be placeable, making the farm not work.
image 2022 04 16 123517349
Then: Place the Industrial Lumbermill next to the sapling with a coal totem and a conveyor running into the lumbermill. Make sure to place the Industrial Lumbermill Properly, it should be placed with a conveyor input running in the direction of the tree, another conveyor output running to the side of the tree (another side of the Sapling Automatic Planter input and the no-conveyor part facing directly towards the tree.
image 2022 04 16 123830872
Now: Place a Conveyor in front of the Industrial Lumbermill Then a Conveyor Filter in front of the Conveyor and filter the Wood type you want to farm to the left and the Sapling you want to farm to the right. This is because the Sapling needs to go back to the Sapling Automatic Planter in order for it to plant the tree again and we don’t want any Wood type to block the path of the Sapling also we want to keep the Wood in storage.
image 2022 04 16 124350106
Now: Place the pipe setup like this so the conveyor filter can go under the pipes for the system to work properly. (we want the saplings to go back into the S.A.P. And put petroleum through it from your petroleum farm. The reason you need petroleum pipes is that it’s the only way the Sapling Automatic Planter will work, it doesn’t have a conveyor input and only a pipe input.
image 2022 04 16 124831288
Now: Place conveyors like this going from the filter all the way back to the S.A.P., that’s why we needed the filter conveyor so only the saplings come back. Tip: Try placing T2 conveyors for maximum efficiency. It’s not a necessity, but T1 conveyors make it hard for the sapling to make it to the Sapling Automatic Planter and there is a chance your Sapling will despawn, but that’s completely up to your island other farms making the items reach a despawn limit faster.
image 2022 04 16 125050475
Now place your storage system on the left of the conveyor filter and you’re done! You don’t need T2 Storage Systems or anything else, a simple industrial chest should do it. I used a double T2 chest because it simply wields so many items. You can stay AFK and not miss any excess wood that you farmed. This farm works always as long as you’re on your island. It should look like this in Roblox Islands

That’s it! A simple and compact Sapling/Wood farm in Roblox Islands

roblox free hair accessories

Roblox Free Hair Accessories

Roblox Free Hair Accessories: New Hair Accessories have been released! You can obtain them for free and they are made to fit every head. You can make good avatars using these new hairs. Top Knot – Red Braided Hair – Blonde Side Part – Blonde Surfer – Black Straight Bangs – Red Pony Tail – …

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