Ro-Ghoul – How to get Yen or RC Fast

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Ro-Ghoul Fast Yen or RC Guide:

  • 1. Use the third stage of Kaneki Ken’s Kagune.
image 4
  • 2. Do all of the trainer quests for RC.
  • 3. Go to Nishiki Nishio, hit him and go behind a cargo crate and attack him with the E move.
image 5
  • 4. Wait for Koutarou Amon, hit him and go behind a wall then use the E ability on Kaneki Ken’s Third Stage.
  • 5. Wait for Eto Yoshimura to spawn, go to it and use the E ability on him. When you die go back and repeat until you kill it.
image 7
  • 6. Repeat the process until you have enough Yen or RC Cells.

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