Ro-Ghoul – How To Level Up Fast

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  • 1. Use all of the codes (Type the code in chat):
    !Code 500MV
    !Code HNY2020
    !Code 1M FAVS
    !Code Sub2КоПанда!
    !Code Sub2EDITTY
    !Code Sub2GoldenOwl
    !Code Sub22KMz
    !Code Sub2OrdinaryPotato
    !Code Sub2Praveen
    !Code Sub2Roball
    !Code Sub2Sagee4
    !Code Sub2Sky1Ms
    !Code Sub2xAomSakarin
  • 2. Go to the Kagune shop and buy the best Kagune you can afford (You can also buy kagunes with Robux).
  • 3. Start leveling up by killing CCG’s until level 100.
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  • 4. Kill Aogiri’s with autoclick overnight or normally.
NPC | Ro-Ghoul Wiki | Fandom

5. After killing a lot of Aogiri’s you should be around level 500. Kill Nishiki Nishio until level 750.

  • 6. At level 750 kill Koutarou Amon until level 1000.
Boss Rewards (includes... - Crusaders Glory Ro Ghoul | Facebook
  • 7. At level 1000 start doing trainer quests.
  • 8. At level 1250 Kill Eto Yoshimura until max level.
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