Roblox [ABA] One Shot Combo Guide

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2022)

One Shot Combos, Also Known as 100 – 0 combos in [ABA] Roblox!

One Shot Combo, Itadori Yuji, Ryuko Matoi, Kirito.

[Note] Some characters that are not shown here are not viable to do a 100 – 0, Most of these combos Include Laddering, Attack Cancelling, M1 Finishers, If you haven’t learned how to ladder yet, go to tutorials before learning these.

This article is about 100 – 0 Combos, This will be showing you different type of stuns so you can learn these combos faster,

Hit Stuns – When a person is hit they will be stunned for 0.3 seconds, Performed by landing m1’s or landing a move.

Down Stun – When a down slam is performed, The person will lay on the ground for half a second, Allowing to land a combo extender, Do keep in mind if you down slam finisher with an m1 they have immunity for 0.3 seconds, Performed once the user is in the air with the 5th m1, Can also be used with attack canceling.

Upfling – Performed by holding space with the 5th m1 on the ground, The enemy will get stunned for a second, Allowing you to attack cancel.

Kick Away – Only works in the air, Once you uptilt hold space and m1, The enemy will get kicked away but will not move for about 0.3 seconds, This allowing you to attack cancel.

Attack Cancelling This is a technique most people use, There are 3 different types of attack canceling combination, Upfling, Kick Away and Down Slam, This is performed by using a finisher and using a move at the same time.


Combo – A combo is a set of attacks that require you to use one up to four of your skills.

Ex. PTS Luffy – M1 x3, Rocket, M1 x3, Gatling.

That will deal about 60+ Damage.

100 – 0 Combos

100 – 0 or 100% Combos – These are known as hard combos, They are typically the combos that get ruined when you either get 3rd partied, make a simple mistake, evasived, But if you successfuly land these combo, The player is dead.

Evasives – A skill that gives you iframes [Immunity frames] while getting hitstunned.

3rd Party – A third player that can hit you while you do your combo making it ruined.

100 – 0 Combo Examples.

The combos that I will present you later on are true combos.

True Combos – Combos that are reliable and can never be escaped unless the things I mentioned above.

Viable Combos – Combos that are safe and non – escapable unless the player uses an evasive or a 3rd party comes in.

We will be using Itadori Yuji, Ryuko Matoi and Kirito as an example.

Itadori Yuji [ True, Viable, Easy ]

My brother, Manji Kick [Down Stun], M1 x3 uptilt, Divergent Fist [Ladder Starter], M1 x3 Downslam, Black Flash [Must be timed], M1 till the opponent dies.

Ryuko Matoi [ True, Viable, Mediocre ]

[Note, You need to use your 5th m1 to guardbreak]

M1 x3 Uptilt, Jump Slash [Ladder Starter], M1 x3 Downslam, Dash Forward, Punch [Down Stun] M1 x3 Uptilt, Mako, M1 x4 Kick Away [Attack Cancel] Cross Slash.

Kazuto Kirigaya / Kirito [ True, Hard ]

[Note, The Combo is only true if Nova Ascension hit, Also only use Enhance Arnament if the enemy is still alive.]

Rage Spike [Combo Starter], M1 x4 Upfling, Nova Ascension [Ladder Starter],M1 x3, Thermal Element [Combo Extender], M1 x2, Nova Ascension [2nd Stage, Combo Finisher / Extender], Enhance Arnament.

More Info about ABA


Shift: Sprint

Q: Dodge

F: Block

Basic Attack: Mouse1

Space+Mouse1: Aerial Attack

Combine Basic Attacks and Aerial Attacks to discover new combos. Use 1,2,3,4 for your character special moves. Transformation: G

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