Roblox [ABA] Prestige Characters, Release Date and Info

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This Article will be about the prestige characters coming to ABA Roblox

Prestige Character, Shisui, Rengoku and Ohma.

This Article will include the Release Date, Info on how to get the characters and potential Prestige Chars!

What are Prestige Characters?

Prestige Characters are unlocked by being an X rank (Level 105) in game, Snake [Owner of the game] said they will be reskinned characters with 2 original moves in base and in awakening.

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Prestige Update, Release Date

Snake confirmed the release date on February the 23rd / 24th, It will be coming in sometime march, Along with ENEL! and possibly other characters.

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Prestige Characters has been in the game for more than 3 months and no one ever knew when it was gonna be released and what characters it will provide us with.

Confirmed Characters

K1LLUAA, Known as K1 and a Contributor, Confirmed some characters and even made them!

The first prestige character he confirmed was Ohma Tokita from Kengan Ashura, This is the 2nd prestige character in the roster, 1st being Gotenks (Goten and Trunks)

The second was Rengoku Kyojuro from Demon slayer, This is the 3rd prestige character in the roster.

The third character that he confirmed was Shisui from Naruto Shippuden, This is the 4th prestige character in the roster.

The fourth character that he confirmed was Tobi from Naruto Shippuden, This is the 5th prestige character in the roster.

Snake / Par Announcements

Snake said there will be meme characters, We haven’t gotten news of Par making Prestige Characters, So we don’t know what he’ll be making

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Snake Confirmed Hercule / Mr. Satan from Dragon Ball Z, People suspect that Snake will probably add Saibamen from Dragon Ball Z into the Prestige roster, Snake also said Guts from Berserk is confirmed! We don’t know if its gonna be a prestige character or a misc. character.

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[Note, This is subject to change as he will / will not probably be making another prestige character.]

How to get Prestige Characters?

Now this news is disappointing, Snake said it will be random and you can’t choose what character you want, So if you want Rengoku, Ohma or Shisui, you will have to depend on your luck and pray.

[Note, this info is subject to change, But snake will probably not change his mind as K1 and the others tried to talk him out of it.]

More Info about Prestige Characters

Check out Infernasu’s Prestige Info video for more Info!


More Info about ABA


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Basic Attack: Mouse1

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Combine Basic Attacks and Aerial Attacks to discover new combos. Use 1,2,3,4 for your character special moves.

Developers: Melon_Sensei, Chicken_Man, Snakeworl

Contributors: BIGPAPAMAUI, Sprano, K1LLUAA, Nilvaat, jjjakey, Kogrin, rikaid, Estheking, Ettheking, StormVegitto, Speciro

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