ABA Rukia Kuchiki Guide

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2022)

This is an ABA Rukia Kuchiki Guide in Roblox

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Rukia Kuchiki Info

This is the 2nd character in the Bleach Roster and is well known as one of the most annoying characters in ABA, This character costs 500$.

To properly use this character, I recommend you learning about different kind of stuns if you have not already in this article.

Rukia Kuchiki Moveset


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Releases a powerful ball that deals 20 dmg, It also has incredible endlag so it is not a combo extender, It doesnt guardbreak, mostly used for poke dmg or combo ender.


Roblox 2022 03 1646583998507
Releases a powerful beam of reiatsu that deals 20 dmg, It has knockback so it is mostly used for guardbreaking or attack canceling.


Roblox 2022 03 1646584177718
Uses kido to stun an enemy for 2 seconds, This is mostly used as a combo extender when you downslam attack cancel with it, It is blockable.

Flash Dodge

Roblox 2022 03 1646584041291
Dodges every attack, This is an evasive and an iframe.

Optimal Combos

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Roblox 2022 03 1646583396274

Sode no Shirayuki Rukia Kuchiki Moveset

First Dance

Roblox 2022 03 1646583936497
Summons a giant pillar that damages and placelock stuns everything caught inside the pillar, This is a good combo extender and mostly used to downslam attack cancel with it, This move will bypass block.

Second Dance

Roblox 2022 03 1646583881979
Releases a giant wave of ice that guardbreaks, This mostly used to guardbreak to start a combo.

Third Dance

Roblox 2022 03 1646583783732
User swings his sword to deal a ton of damage, This move is mostly used to combo extend, It does not guardbreak.


Roblox 2022 03 1646583700175
Summons an ice path that stuns everyone who steps on it, This bypasses block and can be used in the air but the ice will be on the ground.

Optimal Combos

Rukia Mode Combo 1 2
Rukia Mode Combo 2 1

Rukia Kuchiki Tips

-Do not try to M1 Trade with characters such as Lancer, Saber etc.

-Use your geki wisely, It has an obvious startup and should be used to punish or attack cancel.

-Rukia is mostly based of countering, Do not rush players recklessly.

Rukia Kuchiki Pros

-Sword M1

-Can counter people easily

-A really strong awakening

-Most moves in awakening is a combo extender

Rukia Kuchiki Cons

-If used recklessly, This character is horrible to play with.

-Awakening has alot of punishable moves.

More Info about ABA


Shift: Sprint

Q: Dodge

F: Block

Basic Attack: Mouse1

Space+Mouse1: Aerial Attack

Transformation: G

Combine Basic Attacks and Aerial Attacks to discover new combos. Use 1,2,3,4 for your character special moves.

Developers: Melon_Sensei, Chicken_Man, Snakeworl

Contributors: BIGPAPAMAUI, Sprano, K1LLUAA, Nilvaat, jjjakey, Kogrin, rikaid, Estheking, Ettheking, StormVegitto, Speciro

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