Anime Dimensions Simulator *Latest* Script! (February 2022)

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2022)

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  • –Name: “River Hub Free Scripts | 6 GAMES | SAITAMANIA, KING PIECE, ALL STAR TOWER DEFENSE & MORE!” pcall(function() loadstring(game:HttpGet(“” .. tostring(game.PlaceId) .. “.lua”))() end)

About Anime Dimensions:

You can travel to your favorite Anime Dimensions, Defeat bosses, Collect your favorite anime characters together with your friends!

Update Log:

☀️ Yomiichi Raid (Level 15+)
Raid Rewards: Yomiichi, Sword of the Sun(Mythic), Yomiichi Cards (Legendary & Mythic)

New Characters: Yomiichi, Demon Girl (New Year)
New Costumes: Akane (New Year), Alturia (New Year), Roku (New Year), Hirito (New Year), Demon Girl (New Year), Yomiichi (New Year)

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