Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Tournament Shop Fruits (Are They Worth Getting?) + Powerful Glitch 2021

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2021)

This guide will show you the details of the anime fighting simulator Tournament Shop Fruits and if they are worth getting or not. This also includes a guide on a really useful (but unknown glitch) using one of these specials that can give a huge upper hand in tournament PVP mode.

Light Fruit

The light fruit was the first fruit special added to the tournament shop for 3500 tournament points. This fruit was previously the best fruit until the new ones came along. The Light fruit’s abilities vary greatly. The light fruit isn’t worth getting except for the final move: Divine Punishment. This move does loads of damage, shakes the opponent’s screen multiple times for each beam of light from the sky, and has a huge are so it’s very hard to miss. The downside is that it also shakes your screen as well so it can cause confusion. It also has a semi-lengthy cooldown. Overall of the Anime Fighting Simulator Tournament Shop Fruits, this is decent but not the best.

Anime Fighting Simulator Tournament Shop Fruits (Are They Worth Getting?) + Powerful Glitch

Ice Fruit

The Ice fruit is currently known as the best PVP fruit in the game (aside from phoenix fruit which is mainly for healing not PVP) because of the second move. The other moves of the Ice fruit are okayish but the z move is also decent close range as well. The ice fruit x move lets you get a mini aim bubble around your cursor that will snap when you get near a target.


After you snap near a target, you can click to let multiple shards of ice auto-track to your target. There are around 4 shards of ice which each deal lots of tick damage as well. Fastly depleting the opponent’s health.


This can be hard to aim in PVP, which is why we have a glitch to fix that. Overall, this is the best fruit in the Anime Fighting Simulator Tournament Shop Fruits, and the best PVP fruit in the game. The glitch below is a fix in aiming the shards in PVP + give an even bigger advantage.

Ice Fruit Tournament Glitch

This is a quick guide on how to aim, snap onto the target + deal loads of damage before the tournament has even started and the opponent has their defensive abilities on! This is a very overpowered glitch using the Anime Fighting Simulator Tournament shop fruits.

First, start by going into the tournament dimension equip the ice fruit, and press x to make the aiming bubble appear in the lobby, but don’t click anywhere else to make the shards appear.


After voting ends, and all your specials get unequipped, when the “Loading Tournament Timer” gets to around 4 seconds, equip a special you want to use to fight (not ice fruit) and equip your mode ability and a good champion. You will still have the bubble and you will get a miniature upper hand against your opponent.


After you teleport to the arena, you will still have the aim bubble and you will have your buffs equipped. Simply hover over your opponent and when the countdown timer gets to 2, click the opponent and let the ice shards tackle them. It will say “Cannot use powers while tournament is starting” but it will still use the shards and attack them.


This gets them by surprise as they can’t move since the tournament hasn’t started yet, and they most likely won’t have their champion and mode equipped having you deal even more damage to them. This gets them by surprise and depletes a lot of their damage. In this instance, I one-shotted the opponent and got an easy win.


Use this glitch to your advantage as it is very useful and very overpowered. Are the Anime Fighting Simulator Tournament Shop Fruits Worth it? Yes. They are worth it. Save up tournament points to get them as they are very overpowered especially ice in this glitch.


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