Anime Battle Arena Iskandar Got Nerfed [ABA1]

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2022)

Iskandar Got Nerfed!

Anime Battle Arena

Iskandar, the most despised character owing to his overpowering awakening, has finally been nerfed in the new adjustments to the game known as “ABA” or in the long term known as Anime Battle Arena! Iskandar players are claiming that the character is now useless and awful. Players who wanted Iskandar nerfed are now satisfied and happy that the game has finally been “balanced.”

Anime Battle Arena

Despite these adjustments, Iskandar remains a good character with a respectable awakening and the ability to defeat other players with adequate skill. You’ll be able to work out combos with this character and finally become proficient. But keep in mind that it was nerfed, so it’s no longer as good as it once was, but it’s still good but not overpowered.

Anime Battle Arena

[Iskandar Changes]

– iskandar mode duration cut by 33%. should still be a really impactful and strong mode but might give some chance for teams to stall it if they have defensive options available

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