Roblox Jailbreak Trading Tutorial

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2022)
Roblox Jailbreak Trading Tutorial

Roblox Jailbreak Trading Tutorial:

  • 1. Become a police officer as it is easier and you do not need to escape prison. You can become one by clicking the police button.
  • 2. Get a vehicle. Aerial ones are faster but cars are good too. If you have the Mobile Garage gamepass it is even better as you can spawn any car.
  • 3. Head on over to the Trade Port. It is located near the Volcano in the upper right side of the map. You can click the Add Waypoint button to find the Trade Port easier.
  • 4. At the Trade Port, walk on the plank and go inside the blue cube. After 5 seconds inside the cube, you will be teleported to the Trade Island.
  • 5. Inside the Trade Island, find the person you want to trade with and press E on him. A trade GUI will appear on screen. You can click the plus in order to add any item. If the items are not of the same value you will not be able to do the trade. After doing the trade click ready and accept after.

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