Reaper 2 Change Logs For Update 2 Detailed

Reaper 2
Reaper 2

[Information About the Reaper 2 Update]

Recently a game inspired by the show called “Bleach” which is Reaper 2 just made a big update in a while. These update contains the following:

–Quest Content —

  • 6 new daily quests
  • 4 new 1 hour quests
  • 1 new repeatable quest
  • 1 new quincy only quest which includes a reward : D

–Ranked Changes/Fixes–

  • Potentially fixed inf loading bug
  • Stats in ranked are now capped at lvl 50(if you are above lvl 50 your stats will just get capped) 1v1s will be a lot more fair.
  • New arena

–Mobile Changes–

  • New mobile UI

— Race Content —

[Quincy Content]

  • New Skill, “Blut Vein”
  • New Skill, “Barrier”
  • New Voltsatanding, “Kreisel”
  • New obtainable clothing

[Arrancar Content]

  • Added new, “Regress to Adjuchas” dev product

[Soul Reaper Content]

  • New Shikai, “Nozarashi”
  • New Kido skill, “Haien”

[Miscellaneous Content]

  • New Katana variation

— Race Changes–


  • Ether now does 120 base damage
  • Base HP is now 350 from 125

[Quincy Changes]

  • m1 and m2 are now interruptible
  • m1 no longer has a 1.2 sec cooldown
  • Quincies can now reroll their secondaries

[Arrancar Changes]

  • Mouth Cero is now interruptible
  • Finger Cero now scales with how much you charged it
  • Hierro IV upgrade no longer scales past level 50
  • Adjuchar Hierro Durability increase is only a 15% damage reduction now
  • Vastocar Hierro Durability increase is only a 30% damage reduction now
  • Base Hierro stacks(no vastocar/Adjuchar buffs) is now 7
  • Vastocars have 12 Stacks of hierro now(At max)
  • Adjuchars have 10 Stacks of Hierro now(at max)
  • Vastocar Hierro takes less time to regenerate than normal

[Soul Reaper Changes]

  • Keep Standing upgrade for shikai is now 2 skillpoints

[Hollow Changes]

  • Hollow food exp now scales with your level
  • You can no longer jump whilst m1ing/ while getting stunned(mostly just effects Adjuchas and Vastolordes)
  • Eating food is much faster

— Shikai Changes —

  • Sakanade X has a faster start up
  • Sakanade Z has now does (25/ how many times it hits)
  • Katen X allows you to combo extend in the air after successfully landing it
  • Zangetsu Z now does 45 damage
  • Zangetsu X now does 60 base dmg
  • Ryujin Jakka Z cooldown increased to 20
  • Ryujin Jakka Z reiatsu drain increased to 30
  • Ryujin Jakka Z hitbox slightly increased
  • Ryujin Jakka X cooldown reduced to 30
  • Ryujin Jakka X damage increased to 6 per tick
  • Ryujin Jakka X will cause those around you to be slowed for 3 seconds right before the move activates
  • Ryujin Jakka C cooldown decreased to 20 Ryujin Jakka Burn does 4x as much damage it did before
  • Sode C has a base ice stun for 3 seconds now
  • Sode Z now deals 50 dmg from 25

— Res Changes–

  • Sombra Z now has a 35 sec CD
  • Sombra Z now takes 45 reiatsu to use
  • Sombra C leaves you in an IFrame until the animation is completely over
  • Reiatsu Charge is reduced when using primero(Prevents people from running)
  • Primero m2 is much slower now Primero m1 has a real wind up now
  • Primero m1 can now be cancelled
  • Primero Z chargeup is slightly faster.
  • Primero C takes 50% less reiatsu
  • Primero C only takes reiatsu after it’s successfully casted so it wont take your reiatsu if it’s canceled.
  • Primero X now stops after getting blocked
  • Improved Visuals for primero m2

— Volt Changes–

  • Flugel Z now does 120 damage
  • Flugel Z now stuns enemies in air so they can’t just charge reiatsu in the air
  • Flugel C has a much LARGER hitbox
  • Flugel C now has hyper armor

— Miscellaneous —

[Miscellaneous Changes]

  • False Death is now an evasive
  • Finally added sfx to zangetsu transformation + general improvements transformation
  • You can no longer interrupt Bala
  • Increased Oukasen’s beam hitbox size
  • Increased Reiatsu Regen
  • Menos gain more exp for killing npcs
  • There’s a small stun applied to a target when you flashstep follow up to them so you don’t get punished
  • Made some optimizations to flashstep so it functions better
  • UI REVAMP(Still more ui’s will be implemented later on)
  • You only get up to 5 soul nodes back from rerolling your shikai
  • Combat logging has a real penalty now Reset all ranked points

[Miscellaneous Fixes]

  • Fixed Monstrous upgrade not working for Zangetsu X
  • Fixed Zangetsu inf particle bug
  • Fixed cero having a chance to break you
  • Fixed Speed Blitz not having a cooldown
  • Fixed Primero boss battle bug
  • Fixed not being able to use flashstep when dash is on cooldown
  • Fixed Sombra C effects not going away after dying
  • Fixed getting bugs after using sabaku sometimes
  • Fixed “Mask Reset” dev product Fixed Animations getting stuck(It’ll still happen from time to time but it gets fixed if you m1 again)
  • Fixed Sakanade smoke not going away
  • Fixed some projectiles that didn’t get deleted if they didn’t make contact with anything(should reduce a chunk of lag)

— Dev Products —

  • Added, “Regress to Adjucha”
  • Added, 2x cash dev product

[More About Reaper 2]

Reaper 2
Reaper 2

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