Roblox Shindo Life Review Part 1!

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2021)
Shindo Life

Shindo Life Pro’s

First off, I just want to say OH….MY…. GOD! The Gameplay of Shindo’s life was quite amazing, better than what I expected it to be. Look, I’m not even trying to be sarcastic or anything like that…for real, If anyone else stayed and watch everything that the devs (RELLGames.) were making/doing, seeing them put time and effort into investing their skills, etc. you would have been hyped also as well as being amazed at the sights they had provided for us. When the game first came out, there really wasn’t any type of game on Roblox with this mechanic and dedication. If there were games like Shindo, it didn’t make it to the spotlight but that’s for another time!

When you first play the game, you’re sort of left clueless and forgotten. Which for me is the very fun part because you get to explore the depths and choose your own path on how to play the game! Then once you have reached a specific point in the game you are ambushed with a whole bunch of items to collect and use, within the timeframe that’s given.

Shindo Life Beast

To show you all that they put in hard work in what they do. This is partially what they have created throughout the week as well as in creating even more content for the upcoming Event on Saturday!!!! For you Naruto fans, you may have been wondering and thinking. “Is that the ten tails?!”  “Why does it look like that???” YES! YES! It is the Ten-Tails. RELLGames have gotten their game taken down by Roblox because of Viz media copyright speech, the ones who broadcast Naruto. (Credit: RELLgames).

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During that time frame, they have been revamping everything that has anything to do with the anime Naruto, removing the contents and putting their own imagination to work. Lastly, after revamping the game would open back up in November/December, 8 months ago from now with a huge bang, letting in 200k players soar into the live stream and the Roblox game!

Shindo Life Cons

I really don’t have much to say about the cons. Everything has been really well developing and served but the main issues I have are primarily what everyone else has issues with. The first thing I would consider being a con is balancing. All the bloodlines and move-sets (The majority of them) Take the skillful part of the game away when the creators themselves wanted the game to be skillful. We all understand that Overpowered things are a slap on the wrist and confident laughter giving us the time of our lives. however, the game modes that require “Skill” are completely removed. Slowly turning everyone into toxic freaks… Thank you guys for reading and have a blessed day!

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