Sun Breathing Guide in Slayers Unleashed Roblox

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2022)

This is a Sun Breathing Guide and this will have info on how to get it in Slayers Unleashed Roblox!

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What is Sun Breathing?

Sun Breathing is one of the breathing styles in Slayers Unleashed, It is currently one of the strongest breathing styles in the game, This game is based off the anime, Kimetsu no Yaiba [Demon Slayer], It is a breathing Tanjiro Kamado and Yoriichi Tsugikini uses.

How do you get the Breathing Style?

You need to be a pure human and level 800 to unlock this breathing style, You have to go to Sagiri Mountain and find Tanjiro in order to fight the Yoriichi Boss.

This boss deals a lot of damage so you have to max out your defense in order to properly fight this boss.

This Breathing Style will have a 10% chance of dropping, It is a guaranteed drop if you have the Kamado Clan.

This boss will also drop the Yoriichi’s Haori which has a 5% chance of it dropping.

This boss will also give 26k EXP on death and 14k EXP on completing the quest (without any EXP boosts).

Sun Breathing

This breathing style is a secondary breathing, Which you can equip a main breathing style along with this.

The total stat points to get all the forms is 285, This breathing style is currently one of the most expensive breathing style to get, above Moon Breathing which needs 280 stat points to learn.

There are four forms of this breathing style.

Forms / Moveset

1st Form : Solar Dragon Haze, this form costs 45 Stat points, It summons two dragon that lunges to where your mouse points at, It is an AOE attack. gif maker 14

2nd Form : Dancing Flash, this form costs 65 Stat Points, The user jumps and flashes through till it hits an enemy, It is auto aim and a single player attack. gif maker 1 3

3rd Form : Sun Ray Thrust, this form costs 75 Stat Points, The user sends out a ray of beams to the enemies within the radius, It is auto aim and a huge AOE attack. gif maker 2 2

4th Form : Flame Dance, this form costs 100 Stat Points, The user spins in the air and slams down to where the cursor is facing, This is a single / AOE attack. gif maker 3 3

Slayer Mark

Kamado Slayer Mark – Buffs overall dmg by 10%, It will give health regeneration and additional sprint speed, If you have Kamado clan and Kamado Slayer Mark, you will get an extra 10% overall dmg.

Marks are only triggered once you reach 30% of your hp. gif maker 4 1

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