Roblox Titan Warfare Eldian / Eldians Guide in Roblox

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2022)

This is a guide for the Eldian Team in Titan Warfare Roblox!

Eldian Guide, Hero Classes, Tips

Eldians are one of the teams in titan warfare.

Eldian Info

Eldians have 6 classes, Two in common with Marley [Abnormal Titan, Titan Shifter]

The Eldian team mainly specialize on close range, Eldians also have mobility to dodge enemy bullets.


There are 4 Classes only the Eldians can use, [Including the Hero class as they have different heroes for each team]

Blades – This grants you an ODM Gear with blades, It also has durability till the User refills, This class focuses on close range and is mostly one of the most aggressive class in the eldian team.

Mouse Click / Hold Mouse

blade m1

Thunder Spears – This grants you a throwable missile, There are only 4 uses till the user refills it again, This class has aim assist but it will never guarantee a hit if the enemy is moving, Thunder Spears will only explode if you are nearby the thrown thunder spear, This will also kill the User if he is still in the explosion radius, This class is mainly focusing on defeating Titan Shifters and Aviators.

M1 / Throw gif maker 2

Thunder Spear Explosion gif maker 1 1

Anti – Personnel – This grants you two modified shotguns, The User will never run out of bullets, There are only 2 uses till the User reloads, This class specializes on blinding Titan Shifters and killing Marleyans.

[Note, If you shoot, The User will get knockbacked so it is not recommended to kill Players with this unless the User has good aim]

M1 / Shoot gif maker 3

M1 Shooting Knockback gif maker 4

Abnormal Titan – This grants you to become a titan, This Class has 1 move [Belly Flop] specializes on supporting Titan Shifters and killing Players.

Belly Flop gif maker 5

Titan Shifters

[Titan Shifter Guide coming soon]

Eldian Hero

Kenny / Kenny Ackerman

This hero specializes on AP [Anti – Personnel], This hero costs 1,500 to spawn and gets additional health approximately 800, This hero also has 3 moves.

Rapid Fire – Shoots a stream of bullets gif maker 6

Chair Shield – User brings out a chair to block enemy bullets, This chair will be broken once enough bullets are blocked, The chair only has a chance to block bullets. gif maker 7

Flare Disabler – Fires a huge smoke that disables enemy flares. gif maker 8

Mikasa / Mikasa Ackerman

This hero specializes in Thunder Spears, This hero costs 1,500 to spawn and has extra 4 Thunder Spears, The User will also get 1700 health, This hero has 2 moves.

Instant Explosion – This will trigger the thunder spear instantly after being thrown. gif maker 9

Thunder Spear Barrage – Throws four thunder spears at once instead of one. gif maker 10

Levi / Levi Ackerman

This hero specializes on blades, The User has more gas and blade durability, This hero can kill Abnormal Titans and Titan Shifters with ease, This hero costs 2500 and gets additional health, Approximately 2700, This hero has 3 moves.

Spinning Slash – This move will give you immunity and can slash for 3 seconds, This move is effective for slashing down titan napes, leg tendons and players. gif maker 11

Blade Throw – User throws a blade to the mouse, This move only works on titan shifters and abnormal titans, The user needs to aim at a titan (You dont need to aim at the eyes), This is effective for blinding Titan Shifters / Abnormals. gif maker 12

Leg Slash – This move will home in to a nearby Titan Shifter / Abnormal, It will slash the leg effectively stunning them, Also useful for supporting titan fights. gif maker 13


  1. Always support your titan shifter, in titan fights, anything will do, cutting down legs, blinding, damaging titan shifter napes.
  2. Always start moving, If you get caught on the ground, You are probably dead.

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Controls are listed on the left of your screen

[ INFO ]
A round-based massive PVP war game between Marleyans and Eldians. Various different game
modes and maps. Up to 2 titan shifters per team, winner takes all. Level up to unlock new titans, perks,     
heroes and much more. Inspired by AOT / Attack On Titan.

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