Roblox Titan Warfare Marley / Marleyan Guide

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2022)

This is a guide for the Marley Team in Titan Warfare Roblox!

Titan Warfare, Marley, gabi and magath


There are 6 types of classes in titan warfare, Eldians and Marley have different classes excluding titan shifter and abnormal titan, Every class has a flare to locate enemies.

Marley – Every class has a jetpack excluding Operator, Abnormal Titans and Aviator, They can dash to escape once they are hooked onto.

Soldier – A fast pased class that grants you an smg, sniper and a rocket launcher, If done properly this is one of the strongest class in the game

Engineer – A building type class that grants you an smg, shotgun and a building wrench, This class can build walls, ramps, floors and even turrets, These turrets will fire on the location you shoot with your smg.

Operator – This grants you a tank that deals a good amount of damage to Titan Shifters, It has an a cannon and a machine gun to kill nearby players.

Abnormal Titan – This grants you to become a Titan with only 1 move, A belly flop, This class will be easily killed and is only good for supporting titan shifters if you’re a Marleyan

Titan Shifter – Allows you to become a strong titan that can kill players with ease, maybe even heroes which we will be getting to later on, Can only have 2 titan shifters in one team.

Hero – There are 3 heroes in marley, Gabi, General Magath and Aviator.


There are 3 heroes in Marley, Gabi, General Magath and Aviator, There could only be 1 of each hero, Excluding Aviator.

Gabi – A hero that has granted with a little aim assist, Also given a stolen grappling hook and has additional health.

General Magath – Gets a powerful cannon that can kill Titan Shifters with ease, Also granted the ability to command Marley to attack a titan shifter and get an attack buff, He also has additional health

Aviator – A powerful blimp that can send Pure titans from the air, Drop bombs, and has a machine gun, This hero can only be destroyed by blades and thunder spears.


Guns are hitscan, The bullet trails are just effects, The Sniper is powerful enough to one shot a player, An engineer with 3 turrets can deal half of your hp with 2 shots from an smg.

How to beat Eldians

Engineers can build a tower and put turrets down, The bullets will go through the tower, If you’re good with aim, Preferrably use Sniper from Soldier Class, ALWAYS Support your Titan Shifter if its a titan battle, If you dont, Your titan shifter is most likely to lose.



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