Roblox Vans Step Up Hat Obtainment Method

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2022)
Roblox Vans Step Up Hat Obtainment Method

Roblox Vans Step Up Hat Obtainment Method:

roblox vans world page
  • 2. Place down your skateboard by pressing T and complete the hub missions. The coin box gap is located near the competitions place and the V.A.N.S letters are located around the bowl. The bottom right corner includes trick keys.
vans hub missions
roblox coinbox gap
  • 3. Follow the blue arrows and go to Scotty Crammer to receive a BMX bike.
  • 4. Complete the Park Skatepark Missions. Bar spin is key 1, No Foot Can-Can is key 2, Tobbogan is key 3 and Tabletop is key 4. The VANS Letters are scattered around the map. You will need to switch between Skateboard and BMX to do the quest.
roblox park skatepark missions
  • 5. Follow the blue arrows to Tyson Peterson. Talk to him and complete the Garage Quests. In order to do Impossible, Indy Grab, Tailgrab and Stalefish Grab you must equip the tricks by clicking the Skateboard icon. The red beams are the beams up high in the building.
roblox garage missions
  • 6. Go to the PVD Park and complete the missions. After completing all of the missions you will get the Vans Step Up Hat.
roblox pvd missions
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