Roblox Why Don’t We Launch Party Event Quiz – All Answers

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2021)

Roblox Why Don’t Launch We Launch Party Quiz – All Answers

There are 13 total questions in the Roblox Why Don’t We Launch Party Quiz that you must answer correctly. However, there is an extra curveball: all questions have a timed countdown. You’re given 30 seconds per question, so you’ll need to answer fast.

  • What town is Jonah from?
    • Answer: Stillwater, Minnesota
  • What day did the band form?
    • Answer: Sept. 27, 2016
  • What band does Why Don’t We most idolize?
    • Answer: The Beatles
  • What star sign is Zach?
    • Answer: Gemini
  • What song from The Good Times and The Bad Ones was written as the closer for a live concert?
    • Answer: Lotus Inn
  • How many instruments can Daniel play?
    • Answer: 20+
  • How old was Corbyn when he started playing guitar?
    • Answer: 12
  • What fake hotel did Why Don’t We do a music video at?
    • Answer: Lotus Inn
  • What song from The Good Times and The Bad Ones sampled Kanye West & Daft Punk?
    • Answer: Fallin’
  • What does Why Don’t We say every night before going on stage?
    • Answer: This is only the beginning.
  • What was the last song the band wrote off of The Good Times And The Bad Ones?
    • Answer: Fallin’
  • Which track from The Good Times and The Bad Ones featured a string orchestra?
    • Answer: Gray
  • What is Jack’s middle name?
    • Answer: Robert

You and all other players should receive 130 Points if the Quiz was completed correctly.

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