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survival guides

In this Survival Guide, you will learn various of things on how to survive SCP-3008. This includes Information and Techniques about how to survive the longest.

To learn the Basics of the game, Click Here


If you want to learn how to survive, learn the basics first. There are Different types of Consumables in the game, I’m going to teach you what to eat and drink/store in your inventory.


Your Inventory has a max capacity of 16. Meaning you need to Store proper Foods/Drinks in order to survive in the early game. I would recommend getting 3-4 Meatballs and 1 or 2 2 Liter of Dr. Bob in the Cafeteria. As they would help replenish your stamina greatly.

However, if you are unable to find a Cafeteria, then try to find the Snack Shop which contains Sodas and Ice Creams. Ice creams are a good Replacement [Maybe even better] than other products

Every Day Cycle, the location of the food you stored is replenished. Meaning, you can get the same food over and over again everyday. As long as you survived at least

Every time you find a Location with food, Using waypoints is a must. However, waypoints have limits, so only use them for places such as Pharmacies and Cafeterias.

RobloxScreenShot20210820 132819498 2
Dr. Bob: 2+ Health, 30+ Stamina

RobloxScreenShot20210820 114215105 2
Meatballs: 1+ Health, 32+ Stamina
RobloxScreenShot20210820 120015770 2
[2 Liters] Dr. Bob: 5- Health, 40+ Stamina
RobloxScreenShot20210820 115835190 2
Ice Cream: 7+ Health, 35+ Stamina

Another way to find food is Abandoned Bases. These are Bases of the people that either left them behind, left the game, or died. There’s also a chance that there might be food inside, Examples:

RobloxScreenShot20210820 073539012 2
RobloxScreenShot20210820 114103694 2

Getting Started

[Your volume must be at 4 at minimum to hear the voices of the Employees]

Right as when you enter the game, there are 2 ways you can do this:

Day Cycle

Run around and find as much food as you can then Go to higher places like the Industrial Shelves.

RobloxScreenShot20210820 072025778 2

In this Plot, you can find Objects such as Planks, you can use these planks for building bases or for getting the higher ground. You only have 6 minutes or less to do this.

But if you can’t find an Industrial Shelves, then you can find a Bed Display Plot. You can build a basic base there using the following technique:

RobloxScreenShot20210820 072120662 2
RobloxScreenShot20210820 072129083 2

By doing this you are able to avoid Employees that are short and at Regular size for a decent amount of days.

If the Night Cycle is close or there isn’t much time, read below:

Night Cycle

Immediately go get some light source, anything will do as long as you can see in front of you. Using this light source you have not only can you see, you can also throw it for incoming enemies.

After that, you need to get to higher ground fast, especially at Day 50+
If you can’t find any High ground, then grab two Objects such as couches, beds, anything with a flat platform and do the following:

By doing this, Employees can’t touch you no matter what they do.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you see a Pillar nearby, there’s a good chance that there’s a pharmacy near it.
RobloxScreenShot20210820 073333817 2
So go look for pillars if you can.
  • Always, and I mean ALWAYS, use waypoints, if you died without using them, you might lose your Base/Sources of Food/Sources of Med kits.
  • Do not for the love of god provoke employees during a Foggy day
RobloxScreenShot20210820 111635022 2
  • Use the 2 Objects Technique [Seen above] during Blood Night.
  • Always have 4 or more food in your inventory with at least 20+ stamina.
  • Use Med kit if bellow 30 health, especially at day 75+ or 80+
Thank you for reading, I hope this Survival Guide helped.

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SCP-3008, the infinite IKEA. Wander through the vast horror land of furniture located within SCP-3008-1. Build a base, survive from employees. Stay alive.


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