SCP: Roleplay Glock 17 Gamepass REVIEW & Rating!


So you just got some robux, but you’re not sure what to buy in SCP: Roleplay, what do you do?

The answer is to read this article and other like it which will allow you to finally make up your mind!
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What Does The Gamepass Do?

By buying the Glock 17 gamepass, you are granted the Glock 17 pistol gamepass on any team, however, on the Class-D team, you receive the Glock 17 gamepass 2 seconds after you spawn in.

How Should I Use It?

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If the Class-D team is your all-time favourite or the team that you use the most often, then this gamepass will be even better in value! Not to be outdone, for those who are foundation fanboys/girls/people, the Glock 17 is also useful. The useful-ness of the Glock to foundation staff depends solely on each teams’ “free”/default weapons and their fire rates, damage, and magazine capacity.


For example, if you like playing on the intelligence agency or the internal security department team, you will find the Glock to be the most useful and unlock its full potential as a secondary weapon. This is due to the fact that the Kriss Vector (The Intelligence Agency’s default weapon) and the MPX (The Internal Security Department’s default weapon) both possess a high rate of fire and in addition for the Kriss Vector, a lower magazine capacity. After the gun eats up all the ammo, you can quickly switch to Glock and continue firing away.

Am I Able To Customize It?

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By going to the gun customization menu, you can add a laser, suppressor, sights, and a skin to your Glock! One thing to be noted though, and it is that by adding all four things and being on the Administrative Department team, you’ll look like to came straight out of a James Bond movie!

My Review

Personally, I use it all the time when I’m on the Class-D team, or any team for that matter. I usually use the Glock to damage Class-Ds as a foundation personnel to “remind them” to go into an SCP’s containment chamber during a test because of the low body shot damage it does, as well as it’s single shot per click fire-mode. As a Class-D, I use it to quickly damage a foundation personnel upfront by preparing my self, then quickly spamming clicks/shots into the employee’s head. This tactic slowly chips away the defense and the guards that are guarding the Class-D Containment.

Your Robux, Your Choice.

It’s your robux, and its your choice to purchase whichever gamepass you want. It you should consider which gamepass to buy. If you are quite the hefty spender of robux, and you possess lots of it, then consider buying the O5 gamepass. If you don’t have a lot of robux lying around, and you want something worth your robux, then consider purchasing the Glock 17 gamepass: it’s the best value! If you’re still not sure, read until the end!

Ready, Set, RATE!

The rating of the Glock 17 gamepass is…


Drumroll please……

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This gamepass is a solid A tier! This however is just my opinion!

Game Description:

Welcome to SCP: Roleplay!

In this world, terrifying or unusual creatures and objects called SCPs roam the earth.
To protect humanity from them, the SCP Foundation was created.

The Foundation conducts experiments to learn more about the SCPs.
Play as a Prisoner (Class - D), Scientist, Guard, and unlock more teams as you progress.

The mission of the foundation is to secure, contain and protect the SCPs.
Will you assist them or will you bring chaos to the world?

Still Can’t Decide?

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