Shindo Life Bloodline Tierlist

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2022)

Shindo Life Bloodline Tierlist:

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The Shindo Life Bloodline Tierlist
  • 1. Skin Tier is only for skins, brings no damage change to the bloodline, just a cosmetic change.
  • 2. S Tier is for the best bloodlines in game like Shindai Rengoku, Satori Rengoku, Forged Rengoku.
  • 3. A Tier is for the good bloodlines like Xeno Dokei, Jayramaki and Pika Senko.
  • 4. B Tier is for the decent bloodlines like Shiver Akuma, Satori Akuma and Shindai Akuma.
  • 5. C Tier is for the OK bloodlines like Deva Sengoku, Deva Rengoku and Kabu Cobra.
  • 6. D Tier is for the bad bloodlines like Akuma, Rengoku and Jokei.
  • 7. F Tier is for the worst bloodlines in the game like Dokei, Azim Senko, Mud, Aidens Son Mud and Crystal.

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