Solo Blox Leveling Basic Guides

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2022)

Solo Blox Leveling Basic Guide


All Runestones And Their Ability

Basic Controls-

W – Walk forward
A – Walk left Side
D – Walk right side
S – Walk in reverse
W + W(double press W) – Run
Q – Dash
Left click(m1) – Attack
Right click(m2) – Block
Right click in solt – Unequip item
K – to equip attacks
P – to create a party, Invitation a member in a party, Accept Invitation
B – To open Bag

Solo Blox Leveling Basic Guides

How to Trade in Solo Blox Leveling

First click on the spin button in right side of the bag

image 29

After Clicking on it Select a person you want to trade. When he Accepts your request then a big rectangle GUI will pop up click on it and start your tarding.

image 30

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