The Floor Is Lava Review 🔥

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2021)
The Floor Is LAVA! 🔥 - Roblox

The Floor is Lava Pros🔥

OMG MAN ARE U SERIOUS! The graphics on this game is outrageous! I really expected more from @TheLegendOfPyro (Owner). he really had us in the first half, when you see the game cover it looks like a sexy piece of art. But…when you join the game…you get a fat Thanos game passes character standing from afar, staring into your petite soul. It’s quite stupid how the hype just went down. BUT! I still had hope. I still had some type of faith in this game, ignoring all of the annoying game passes that kept calling my name, waiting to snatch my Robux. (No, I didn’t buy it. I manage to escape.)


Anyway, after the timer ends of the previous game. I was finally able to start playing the highly anticipated game that I was intended to play. However…once I entered the field. I got nothing but poopy graphics, no players talking, no toxicity, no players with Robux, awful music if they even had it, and overall boring. The experience was just awful. I didn’t enjoy it at all and I’m not playing the game anymore, honestly.

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