How To Complete Haunted Forest In Notoriety Roblox


Are Racking Your Brains On How To Finish This Difficult Heist? Look No Further!

In this article, we will discuss how you can finally beat one of the most difficult heists in Notoriety Roblox on the hardest difficulty (nightmare)! We will go into the preparation, as well as the gameplay.


If you have the overkill game pass:


Equip the minigun and the rocket launcher. There are no attachments needed

If you have the grenade game pass:

Equip the RPK light machine gun and the Deagle. For the RPK use any scope, and for the Deagle use the reflex scope. There are no silencers needed

If you have the snipers game pass:

Equip the M98 sniper as a primary weapon, and chicago typewriter. There are no attachments needed

If you have no weapon game pass:

Use the same loadout as if you have the grenade game pass. However, it will be more difficult if you do not own any gamepass, it will be more difficult.

In general, use high damage weapons or high fire rate weapons. For other weapons, use the Tomahawk as a melee weapon and use the ammo bag or the doctor bag. All heisters should use the ICTV for armor.


Do not use any hostage perks as due to the amount of bullets you are going to fire, hostages will most likely be accidently killed.

Overkill Game pass Skills

These skills are for heisters with the overkill game pass:


In the mastermind tab you will need to max out an apple a day, medic, and morale.

In the technician tab, you will not need to equip any skills.

In the ghost tab, you will need to max out parkour, second wind, shockproof, and duck and cover.

In the enforcer tab, you will need to max out the skills shown below (blue):

RobloxScreenShot20220812 085456970

Sniper Game pass Skills

Use the same skills in all skill tabs except for technician. For the technician skill tab, use the skills shown below:

Screenshot 182

Grenade and No Game pass Skills

Use the same skills in all tabs as if you have the overkill game pass, excluding the mastermind tab. For the mastermind tab, use the skills shown below:

Screenshot 183


You will require a somewhat experienced four player heist team. Each player/heister will need to have an ammo bag or a doctor’s bag along with the respective skills that enables the equipment to be even more multi-use than it already is. One player should have either the RPG or grenades to clear away large crowds of enemies and to make the heist easier. But do not fret if nobody on your team owns either the RPG or the grenade! Because it is still very possible to complete the heist, just more difficult. When you initiate the heist, ignore all civilians! Do not take hostages as it will just result in a loss for you. Just complete mission objectives until you reach the graveyard. At this stage, you must be aware of your surroundings. Use the gravestones as cover and place ammo bags and doctor’s bags behind them. Make sure to always guard the brewing pot to complete the heist faster, as each passing assault wave results in an increased difficulty/more enemies. And finally, remember the golden rule to completing this heist: and that is to always kill the enemy twice (enemies turn into ghosts after being killed once and basically gain a second life).

Post Heist

So you did it. You completed one of the hardest heists on the hardest difficulty. What’s left to do now? You could always complete all other heists on nightmare difficulty to get the title/badge (which you can equip) Master Thief VI.

Game Description

You're a career criminal with the choice to quietly execute heists without being seen or go in loud while fending off the constant threat of the police. Equip yourself with weapons, equipment, and the skills needed so you can get violent the way you want to. Break into banks, massive vaults and score big.

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