ThemePark Tycoon 2 Review

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2021)
Theme Park Tycoon 2 - Roblox Game

ThemePark Tycoon 2 Review

ThemePark Tycoon….@Den_S, you did your thing creating this fine piece of art. All the details you provided. Every roller coaster, shop stall, building flooring and etc. is stirring to the eye. The players were able to make satisfying places to their own appealing and control the economy, which I personally enjoyed. My only issue is that I wish more players could join the game server alone so you could see more. though knowing some people’s Potato computers, that’s not even going to happen.

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The other things that made the game really good are the Mechanics. You can click on an Ice-cream shop and 5 options will appear on the settings, creating a wide range of possibilities for the system and that does for almost everything. The flooring and even the Bathroom! The creator put in a lot of work just for the smallest things. LOOK! I’m not trying to Gass anyone up on purpose. The work says it itself and I’m acknowledging what is brought to me as a player.

That’s All I have to say, I want you to experience the game alone. A video and more pictures are available at the bottom.

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