Top 10 Guns in Phantom Forces

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

Top 10 Guns in Phantom Forces:

  • 10. MP7
phantom forces mp7

This gun is pretty good because it is a very low level gun and it can kill very fast with a good setup. It is mostly good in close range.

  • 9. MP5K
phantom forces mp5k

This gun is amazingly good with the 10mm conversion, long barrel and blue/green laser, it can get rid of your opponent quickly.

  • 8. AA12
phantom forces aa12 1

This gun is also a very good gun. It is a shotgun but instead of it being a regular shotgun its a full auto shotgun. It has good damage and high spread. This can 1 or 2 shot kill if you land both headshots.

  • 7. AK47
phantom forces ak47

This gun has very high damage at close range, high damage at medium range and medium damage at high range.

  • 6. AUG HBAR
phantom forces aug hbar

This gun has very good damage at high range and close range. It can have no recoil if you have a good setup. The only bad thing about this gun is the slower walkspeed.

  • 5. K1A
phantom forces k1a

A lot of people use this gun and it is very good. It has good range, low recoil and good damage.

  • 4. BFG 50
phantom forces bfg 50

This sniper is the best sniper out of all. It has high range and it kills instantly with a headshot. The only bad thing about this gun is the slow reload.

  • 3. KS-23M
phantom forces ks 23 m

This gun is overpowered because its a 1 shot kill at medium range. It is just a sniper shotgun.

  • 2. M79 Thumper
phantom forces m79 thumper

This gun is insanely good because it is a shotgun shell grenade launcher. It also one shots instantly.

  • 1. Boxy Buster
phantom forces boxy buster

This gun is the best gun in Phantom Forces because it one shots on any body part with the Elite Darts attachment. Only bad thing about this is that you have to pay real money in order to get it.

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