Top 10 Vehicles in JailBreak

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

Top 10 Vehicles in JailBreak:

  • 10. Lamborghini Aventador
jailbreak lamborghini aventador

This car is a very cheap car at only 100.000$ and it has good speed and good acceleration. It is mostly recommended for the new players.

  • 9. Trailblazer
jailbreak trailblazer

This car costs 1,000,000$ In-Game Cash. It is very good because it is pretty fast and you can climb mountains with it.

  • 8. Bugatti Chiron
jailbreak bugatti chiron

This car costs 500,000$ but it is a very good car because of the high top speed (310 MPH) and good acceleration. This car is mostly good in long race tracks.

  • 7. Tesla Roadster
jailbreak tesla roadster

This car costs 600,000$ and it is the fastest accelerating car in the game. It also has very good top speed. It is recommended to buy instead of the Bugatti Chiron because it can win very fast in short races.

  • 6. Volt Bike
jailbreak volt bike

This bike costs 1,000,000$ and it is better than the Tesla Roadster. It has very good acceleration, very good top speed. It also looks very good.

  • 5. Army Helicopter
jailbreak army helicopter

The Army Helicopter costs 1,000,000$ and it is a very good aerial vehicle. It has 8 seats (9 including the rope), it is pretty fast and it can rob cargo easily.

  • 4. Drone
jailbreak drone

The Drone costs 1,000,000$ Dollars. It is the fastest flying vehicle but it has no rope. It has 2 seats. Its usual for solo or duo farming only.

  • 3. Molten M12
jailbreak molten m12

This vehicle is now unobtainable but it has good speed and good handling. It costed 699,000$. It is also one of the coolest vehicles in the game.

  • 2. Torpedo
jailbreak torpedo

This vehicle is unobtainable. It used to cost 750,000$. It is the second fastest vehicle having insane acceleration and very good top speed.

  • 1. Bugatti Veyron
jailbreak bugatti veyron

This is theoretically the fastest vehicle in the game. It can hit a top speed of 390 MPH. It takes around 1 minute to reach its max speed. It can only reach 390 MPH on the Ice Track. This vehicle has good acceleration, the best top speed in the game and good handling.

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