Top 3 Best Races of Dragon Ball Budokai

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2022)

Dragon Ball Budokai Top 3 Best Races

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Comes the number 1 Spot! The Legendary Super Saiyan

lssj rage
A Legendary Super Saiyan is the best race in the game so far. It has one of the best stats and forms in game.
  2. Super Saiyan C-Type = 2x Multiplier – BP REQ [150k BP]
  3. Super Saiyan B-Type = 2.3 Multiplier – BP REQ [1.25M BP]
  4. BP Gain – 1.25x
  5. HP – 1.1x
  6. Stamina – 1.05x Passive
  7. Ki – 1.05x
  8. Damage Buff – 5% Has the weakest Zenkai Gain in the game

Second Best Race in Dragon Ball Budokai! Sphinx!

sphinx budokai e
A godly race that looks like the Ancient Form of Sphinx’s on Egypt.

BP Gain – 1.2x
HP – 1.05x
Stamina – 1.1x
Ki – 1.05x
Damage Buff 10%

Wrath = 1.9x Multiplier – BP REQ [150K BP]
Godly = 2.3x Multiplier – BP REQ [1.5M BP]

Third Best Race in Dragon Ball Budokai! Jinago!

jiren ui 2
Jinagos have the most damage buff out of all the three but has the lowest BP Gain.

BP Gain = 1.1x
HP = 1.05x
Stamina = 1.05x
Ki = 1.0x
Damage buff = 15%

Heartless = 1.85x Multiplier – BP REQ [105k BP]
Demi-God = 2.1x Multiplier – BP REQ [750k BP]

More about Dragon Ball Budokai:

[Information about the game itself]

Dragon Ball Budokai is a Dragon Ball Budokai is a Roblox game based on the “Dragon Ball” anime/manga. This is a hardcore game that is also enjoyable, especially with friends. You have three lives, and if you lose one, you must stay in the game for three hours to reclaim it. You will be wiped and sent to heaven if you lose all of them.

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