Top 5 BEST Rhythm Games in ROBLOX that you should play

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2021)

Everything that I’m about to mention are all personal opinions based on the graphics, difficulty, content, and player count. And by no means true for everyone

There are many kinds of Rhythm Games in the ROBLOX Platform, but the question is that, are they worth it? Are they fun? In this blog, I will show you the Top 5 best Rhythm Games (based on my opinion) in Roblox. Now, let’s dive right into it!

Top 5: RoBeats

You've always dreamed of being a star, and now you're finally here! The big city - It's the place to be!

Welcome to RoBeats!
Compete in 4-player head-to-head rhythm matches!
🎵 Hundreds of songs to unlock. We've got all your favorites!
🎵 Complete missions to earn coins and up your rank.
🎵 Live updates with new content every day.

RoBeats is one of the most Oldest Rhythm Games out there with over 194.0 MILLION VISITS, it is definitely one of the best amongst the best back in the day. It was the most liked and challenging games that was never before seen roblox. It stood still at the top.

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RoBeats is known for it’s 3D Notes and many kinds of Music/Songs that you are able play in-game, you can also compete other players in a 4 player head-to-head match. You can even play on Mobile!

image 3

RoBeats was so famous that it had several thousands of players playing everyday. Until…

The Update of May 7, 2018. The Gear Update

The Gear Update consisted of the Gears that makes the songs more “Easy”

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There are so many effects that a Gear has, some of them are making it easy for you to hit the “Perfect!” Score or Giving you a score multiplier. And because of this the game became a “Pay2Win” by buying In-game currency and exchanging them for a better gear.

Players started to think that it was Unfair for the some people who didn’t do well on some songs. Thus, making the game lose players and now, currently there are over 850+ Active players with a 79% Like percentage on the game. Besides the gear, the gameplay is smooth and addictive. Collecting songs and currency to buy EVEN MORE songs are just a repeating process of this game. The addicting part of this game is also when competing with other players, the joy of playing against people won’t go away in the Roblox platform.

And even though they’re still updating quite frequently, the player count just keeps dropping. This game has been and always will be in the people’s heart as their most memorable Rhythm Game in history of Roblox.

Top 4: RoSaber

RoSaber is THE OLDEST Rhythm Game in the Roblox Platform created in March 15th of 2014

image 1

Considering that it is based on the Original game, Beat Saber. This game has grown to be one of the most beautiful Rhythm Games out there with 3D Notes and Camera Movement Gameplay.

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With the use of the mouse and spacebar, you can move your “Saber” so you can hit the notes and by hitting the red notes, you need to press Spacebar in-order to change it into red.

RoSaber isn’t all about the 3D notes and graphics, but also the feature which allows the community make their own Chart/Song within the game. Meaning the other community members will be able to play what others have made.

image 1

It has many different features in which you can customize your Chart a little more, like adding Red Notes or Bombs.

Community Charts are the most fun and enjoyable thing about this game, you can play charts which was created by your friends and family. This is RoSaber’s Unique feature.

Other than that, you can compete on Songs in which they have their own Leaderboards, making players compete with each other more.

Overall, this is one of my most favorite games of all time and I hope that it will soon rise to the top..

Top 3: rosu!mania

rosu!mania is based on the game called osu! [osu!mania]

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It’s a basic Rhythm Game in which you can play songs from osu!mania. Even though it has a low Like Percentage [Might be due to Developers Abandoning this game or due to some Bugs]. Gameplay itself it very smooth with many different kinds of style, just like RoBeats!

They have tons of songs in which you can play with different difficulties depending on what you choose! This is game is definitely a Top Tier Rhythm Game where you can also practice your skills!

Rhythm Games
They even have Galaxy Collapse!

And just like RoSaber, this game has leaderboards for each songs so that you can compete with other players! This is the most challenging Rhythm Game in the ROBLOX Platform so far and I really loved how they recreated it into ROBLOX.

image 2 1

This game deserves more attention as they did a splendid job!

Top 2: Sound Space!

image 2 2

Sound Space is the Most Unique Rhythm Game in the Platform. Not only is this a Beautiful piece of art, GUI of this game is the most outstanding thing in the Whole Roblox Platform.

Gameplay of this game can give you the feeling of playing in osu! and in VR while playing in PC.

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Although it had a history of “Making People Dizzy with the Gameplay.” But with the recent update, that history is now forgotten and now this new update is welcomed.

Rhythm Games

In addition, you can also play with other players and challenge them to a 1v1! It’s a really good concept in which you can compete with others, allowing players to entertain themselves with so many songs.

RobloxScreenShot20211014 133424170
They even have Gawr Gura lmao

Overall, this game is still one of my most favorite games in ROBLOX, I’m really glad that I was able to come across such a master piece and I hope that they’re still active at managing the game.

Top 1: Funky Friday

Ah, of course we will end this blog with the most famous Rhythm Game at the moment, Funky Friday!

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Funky Friday is like the exact copy of FNF but with other features!

Funky Friday is based on the game called “Friday Night Funkin.” And since FNF was beginning to gain popularity, Developers saw this chance to make the game. And they were really Successful!

Not only did they made a Remake of FNF, they also added really cool features that FNF didn’t have! Some of these features are the Keybinds Customization, Note Skins, Middle Scroll & Down Scroll, New Songs (outside of FF.) And more!

Rhythm Games

As we speak, they are working on many more mods that they can add in to entertain us! the Audiences! There’s so much songs within the game that I lost count.

Rhythm Games

They also have the feature in which you can change quality of your map for better Gameplay and Smooth Animations.

FF became the most famous Rhythm Game in the ROBLOX Platform with over 20K Players Daily since then. (Even famous Rhythm Streamers, Youtubers, etc. Play this game!) Their Community has more than 210K Members! And this alone can tell that it really did reached far heights.

Even though there are other Remakes of FNF, this one really did a good job of replicating the game. It is my one of my favorite games in ROBLOX (It’s on par with Sound Space).

I will also make a Guide/Tutorial for this game, so stay tuned for that 😀


Anyways, that was the Top 5 BEST Rhythm Games (Based on my opinion.) I really hope this blog helped you to find your one true Rhythm Game.

May your journey be a great one! Until Next time! 😀

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