TOP 5 Devil Fruits That You Must Have In Blox Fruits.(UPDATE 14)

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2021)

Ever Confused about which devil fruit should you get, which one is faster, which one is the strongest ? Well This Is The PERFECT Blog For You, so go read this whole blog about the best devil fruits in the game and which fruit is your soul fruit (pun intended 🙂 ) . P.S this ranking is solely based on the opinions of the author and a few people and do not represent the community as a whole.

In Number 5 We Have Awakened Ice

Ice (awakened) is a good fruit, and this Devil Fruit has huge combo potential If you are able to learn some combos with this fruit. If you’re a sword user and you have Awakened Ice then you could be able to crush most people with some sword and Ice combos. It’s also good for grinding because of its Ice sword. And the best part is it is almost spammable.


  • Damage: A
  • Durability: A
  • Difficult: S+ (super easy to use)
  • Mobility: A

In Number 4 We Have Awakened Quake

It is best used with Fishman V3 because its moves freeze you in place so you can save yourself from Combos using Water Body, which nullifies around 90% of all damage taken for about 5-6 seconds. On the other hand, Mink v3 would also pair quite effectively with Quake because it allows you to get near your opponent, which is very useful since Quake (awakened) is mostly a close-range fruit.

Rating :-

  • Damage: A+(S if you can time it right)
  • Durability: A
  • Difficult: S ( easy to use if you are good with timing)
  • Mobility: A

In Number 3 We Have Awakened Dark

Dark Fruit is a decent fruit for grinding and is very good in PVP (with sword) due to its long stuns. It is an amazing fruit. Z and V knockback so they are not that good for grinding. However, X and C both got fast cooldown. And you can use X to pull the npcs that you just knock back with Z, or use C to grab the NPCs that are about to be throw away by V move. For PvP, dark’s combo potential is insane. X break ken, stun and have a good hit box. C also got a good stun and a good hitbox with ken breaking. Dark is amazing for sword and gun(almost no one uses guns in second world) main, and it can be decent if used by fruit mains. Not to mention the F move is a teleport move that has a decent cooldown which help you dodge or rush your enemy.


  • Damage: S
  • Durability: A+
  • Difficult: S+ ( easy to use if you are good with timing)
  • Mobility: B

In Number 2 We Have Dough

Dough is a very good devil fruit which is second only to Dragon Fruit and its moves are self explanatory EXCEPT the Ken breaker which is very rare(this the the V move : Restless Dough Barrage)as well as its special ability which no other fruit has “The Ability To Turn Into A Logia Fruit Whilst Being a Paramecia Fruit When Using Ken Observation.“


  • Damage: S+(Very High Damage If Combos Are Hit)
  • Durability: S
  • Difficult: S ( easy )
  • Mobility: S

Honourable Mentions.

  • Rumble (awakened)
  • Dark (unawakened)
  • Light (awakened)
  • Flame (awakened)

In Number 1 We Have Dragon

Very hard to get hit in dragon form, plus the damage reduction makes it almost impossible to be killed in dragon form. The X move burns the target and deals damage over time.62.5% damage resistance when transformation is active. Gives yourself an insane advantage in PVP and bounty/ honour hunting. Dragon Flight is decently fast. Very good for getting to places to grind or moving from island to island in raids. Amazing for bounty hunting and PVP.


  • Damage: S+(Very High Damage)
  • Durability: S+
  • Difficult: A+ ( kind of easy to use )
  • Mobility: S+

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