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In this article, you will find out which tower is in which tier in Tower Defense Simulator Roblox! At the end, there will be additional information/guidance, such as which tower is the best to buy first (if you are new to the game), and which tower is the best overall. Event towers, now unobtainable towers, and golden skin towers will not be included in this tier list, only towers that are purchasable in the shop will be (without golden skins).

S Tier



This tower is the most powerful (and expensive) tower purchasable in the shop. It costs 2500 gems (which can be earned from hardcore mode, which requires level 50+), has a placement cost of 3500 in-match money, and a placement limit of eight accelerator towers. It has a delay between when it spots an enemy to when it starts attacking (by shooting a beam of light).


This tower is awarded to players who have reached level 100. It is a helicopter that follows enemies, and has a 1000 in-match money placement cost. It’s hidden detection is unlocked at level 5, and it has a placement limit of 10.

A Tier


This tower is awarded to players who have reached level 50 in TDS. Alternatively, it can be purchased for 800 robux in the store section of the game page. It chews through bosses’ health but costs 4000 in-match money to place it (the most expensive placement cost of any tower in the game). 


rangertds 1

This tower is an upgraded/better version of the sniper starter tower. It costs 8500 coins and has a level 15 requirement in the shop and has a large range. It has 3500 in-match money to place, has a placement limit of 10, and is able to shoot flying enemies at the base level, unless they are hidden. 

B Tier


This tower can be bought in the shop for 5000 coins, has a high-fire rate, a bit of startup attack time, and has a placement cost of 2000 in-match games. It unlocks hidden detection at level 2,  and it is considered the best value tower, since its damage per second is quite high in contrast to its non-existent placement limit and cost. However, in terms of damage (excluding cost) the Ranger, Turret, and Accelerator is better.


This tower increases dps by increasing tower attack speed and has an ability called “Call to Arms”, which increases attack speed by an additional 30%. This tower costs 3500 to unlock in the shop, and has a placement cost of 650 in-match money.

DJ Booth

This tower is highly important for ranger and accelerator builds, since these tower upgrades are extremely expensive. It decreases the cost of upgrades in its range, and costs 4000 coins to unlock in the shop. Its placement cost is 600 in-match money.


This tower is extremely important for all builds, since it generates cash per wave, and has a cheap placement cost of 250. You can unlock this tower in the shop for 200 coins, and has a placement limit of 8.

Military Base

This tower is extremely good for early game due to its base level placement cost and hidden detection. Its final level is also good for late-game.

C Tier


This tower is extremely good for early to mid game due to its cheap placement cost, and cheap hidden detection. However, it does possess a reload which lowers its rating. Its dps does restrain it in late-game.

Crook Boss

tdscrook 1

This tower is good for early to late-game. Its relatively cheap placement cost and bodyguards make it quite good, however, its hidden detection level is quite expensive (which hinders its ability in early-game). It is purchasable in the store section of the game page for 400 robux, it is also unlocked at level 30.

Ace Pilot

This tower was extremely useful during the Winter 2020 Frost Invasion due to its splash damage and low cost. It’s still useful even to this day to deal damage to mobs of enemies. Its hidden detection is fairly expensive, but it makes up for that via the ability to attack flying enemies on its base level.



This tower is unlockable at level 75, and purchasable in the store section of the Tower Defense Simulator game-page. It deals splash damage and has a low placement cost of 400 in-match money. It can detect flying enemies (so long as they are not hidden) and base level. However, it is slow firing and its mortars reach targets slowly, allowing faster enemies (such as fallen or glitches) to escape the damage either partly, or entirely.


This tower is a ground version of the Mortar tower, it deals lower splash damage but fires faster. One of the greatest impediments of the Rocketeer becoming a better version of the Mortar is, again, the slow firing speed. After each rocket is fired, the Rocketeer requires to reload (slowly).


This tower is good for early defense since it has a high damage output in comparison to its placement and upgrade cost. However, its worst hindrance is one that it shares with other towers in its caliber: low rate of fire. This heavily impedes this tower from becoming a good early-game tower. Yes, you could theoretically increase it’s fire speed with the commander tower, but the commander is for mid to late game, where the shotgunner does not thrive.

D Tier



This tower, similarly to the Ace Pilot, was extremely useful during the Winter 2020 Frost Invasion Event due to its higher damage to frost enemies and its splash and burn damage. However, unlike the Ace Pilot tower, it is not extremely useful outside of the Frost Invasion. This is due to its rather surprising ability to speed up the enemies that it has burned. This side-effect is highly unwanted for all difficulties, especially Fallen.


This tower is a good tower for early game, since it has a decent damage per second in comparison to (surprisingly) both its placement and unlock price. However, it simply is solely meant for early game and can easily be replaced later on by the Crook Boss tower,


This tower is a good tower for fallen difficulty, but possesses little useful-ness on other difficulties. It deals medium damage and has a relatively low fire speed, but is able to heal the base’ health every wave.


This tower was brought back from the status of being unobtainable, now it can be purchased from the shop for 850 coins. It has a relatively low rate of fire and medium damage.

F Tier


This tower is simply a worse version of the Rocketeer. It possesses a higher fire speed in contrast to the Rocketeer, but deals significantly lesser damage. Like the Rocketeer, it also deals splash damage.


This tower is virtually a worse version of the ranger tower, possessing a low dps and a low fire speed. It is also one of the starter towers, with the other one being the Scout.


This tower has become much of a meme in the Roblox TDS community, becoming the mascot of noobs and pros (golden skin) alike. It has a medium rate of fire and extremely low cost and damage.


This tower is a worse version of the Sledger tower, since it possesses a low rate of fire, short freeze time, and low damage. Half the time, enemies such as glitches or fallen run past the freezer due to its low fire speed. 


This tower deals low damage and possesses an extremely low fire speed, making it one of the worst towers in the game.

The End


After reading this article, you should have a better idea of which towers are godly , good, bad, and downright terrible. This should help you in becoming a better Tower Defense Simulator player, or get started in the game! Feel free to share this article with your friends to get them hooked on TDS as well!

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