UGC Layered Clothing Has Been Released

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2022)
roblox ugc layered clothing release

UGC Layered Clothing Has Been Released:

The Layered Clothing Technology made by ROBLOX has been released to users! It is very cool because you can wear jackets, samurai clothing, vests, puffer jackets and more!

UGC Layered Clothing Examples:

roblox samurai layered

Samurai Armour Red

roblox longcoat black layered

Longcoat – Black

roblox puffer coat layered

Black and Red Batwing Puffer Coat

How much do the layered clothes cost:

They can cost between 50 and 100 Robux.

What is Layered Clothing:

Layered Clothing is a new technology made by ROBLOX that allows you to wear realistic clothes over your 2D Clothes. This feature is now fully released and it is available to multiple creators.

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EASILY Add FITFI To Metamask

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