What Are Rellcoins in Shindo Life

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2022)
roblox rellcoin

What are Rellcoins in Shindo Life:

Rellcoins are a Shindo Life currency that allows you to purchase bloodlines, clothes, capes, fighting styles and eyes.

How do I Obtain Rellcoins:

You can obtain Rellcoins by playing game modes or by redeeming codes. You can also buy the Rellcoins with robux.

What is the best method to get Rellcoins:

The best method to get Rellcoins is to buy it with Robux or redeem codes.

What is the best thing I can buy with Rellcoins:

The best thing you can buy with Rellcoins is bloodlines and fighting styles. The best bloodline you can buy with Rellcoins is Forged Sengoku or Tengoku and the best fighting style you can buy with Rellcoins is Toad Flame Spirit because it has burn effect and extended hitbox.

How can I buy items with Rellcoins:

Go to the Menu and click Rellcoin Shop to buy Bloodlines and Clothing. To buy fighting styles you must go to Combat Arts.

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