What Happened To Roblox Xeno Online 1? Finally alive

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2022)
Xeno Online

this game is a game inspired by the series/manga called “Dragon Ball”

Xeno Online
xeno open again

After the game died due to the lack of updates, the owner decided to close the game. He showed signs of not continuing the game. However, the community was surprised to see the game open again with a whopping 800 players when it opened.

After the game opened once again, the owner made an announcement of how the game is balanced and open again.
Xeno Online Is Finally Back

After releasing that announcement, he decided to give every player a free 4 rerolls since they lost their previous progress for balancing purposes.

People Consider the old Version as “1” and consider the current version as “2”

However, even though it’s once open again, the game still costs 100 robux.

Xeno Online

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